Why We Created It

PRESEC-LEGON is a very prestigious secondary school. The very best in Ghana! And we are its proud alumni. We are ODADEES! We are human models of the great Baobab tree, resourceful and resilient. Getting the PRESEC (mind the definite article, there's only one PRESEC!) seal offers a long list of benefits. We are almost guaranteed excellence in the world of academics, never mind the glaring attention of the coolest "Charlies Angels" and being the toast of every party. However, the most enduring benefits are the Christian training we get and the skills we develop whilst interacting with highly ambitious, competitive, intelligent and overachieving peers. By the time we leave the walls of PRESEC, we are conditioned to receive and reflect light everywhere we go. Our motto is indeed a solid bulwark propping us along to victory individually.

Sadly,we get too busy relying on our individual brilliance and forget there is strength in unity and that we can be even better together. As a consequence, we have a very weak and fragmented Alumni Association. Whereas it's true that our educational experiences and individual brilliance provide the foundations for us to progress rapidly in our chosen fields of endeavor, the easiest path and key to greater success lies in pulling together the individual brilliance and resourcefulness. What sets the best schools, colleges and universities apart from the rest is not merely what they learn in the classrooms but the continuous interactions among the alumni made possible by the strength of their alumni associations. The lack of awell-connected Alumni Association limits our potential. A strong alumni body promotes the well-being of its members, creates jobs and wealth through networking opportunities. An engaged Odadee is bound to give back generously to the Alumni Association and most importantly his Alma Mater. In turn, the School is boundto improve in all areas. Inevitably, improved facilities and learning environment will lead to rising standards in education and enabling the School to defend and retain its rightful place as the leading secondary in the country. Therefore, the School and the Alumni Association have a joint responsibilityto create the foundations to propel current and future Odadees to take their places in the future of our country.

It's a no-brainer! The leading and foremost secondary school in Ghana deserves a Unitedand Strong Alumni Association. This platform was created to bring all Odadeestogether and to offer opportunities of service, friendship and networking forthe good of all Odadees and our Alma Mater. Now we can truly trudge along tohappy victory. In Thy Light, We Shall See Light!